ARES Net Control Form


@ 8:28 P.M. Announce: All stations please stand by for the Anderson County ARES Net

It is time for the Anderson County ARES Net. This Net meets each Thursday night at 8:30 P.M. or 2030 hours local time on the 145.390 repeater. If you have found us for the first time tonight, this repeater has a PL tone of 107.2 so please ensure you have that programmed into your radio so you can join the net tonight.

This NET meets to exercise various stations for the purpose of serving as Official Emergency Stations in Anderson County, Kentucky, in time of disaster or other emergency. The net can also be used for the passage of other emergency and non-emergency traffic and announcements and all are welcome to participate.

Stations wishing to become a member of the local ARES organization can contact Net Control during comments for additional information and point of contact. This is an informal net and Net Control for tonight's session is:_________________ and the name of net control is:___________________.

First of all, before we tie up the repeater for a prolonged period of time is there any emergency or priority traffic to be listed at this time? If so, please call:______________________.

Participants are reminded that if they should have emergency or priority traffic during the net they should call for a break by calling "Emergency" or "Break, Break" and every effort will be made to assist with your traffic.

We will now accept check-ins from mobile and short time stations. Stations are asked to check-in with your call sign, both alpha numeric and phonetically, first name, and county of operation. Mobile or short time stations, please call:__________________________.

We will now begin accepting routine check-ins. Please check in with your call sign, both alpha numeric and phonetically, first name and your county of operation. At the completion of check-ins, we will return to the top of the list to take comments and announcements. Routine check-ins, please call: _____________.


Call Sign Name County

1. _______________ _______________ _______________
2. _______________ _______________ _______________
3. _______________ _______________ _______________
4. _______________ _______________ _______________
5. _______________ _______________ _______________
6. _______________ _______________ _______________
7. _______________ _______________ _______________
8. _______________ _______________ _______________
9. _______________ _______________ _______________
10. ______________ _______________ _______________
11. ______________ _______________ _______________
12. ______________ _______________ _______________
13. ______________ _______________ _______________
14. ______________ _______________ _______________
15. ______________ _______________ _______________
16. ______________ _______________ _______________
17. ______________ _______________ _______________
18. ______________ _______________ _______________
19. ______________ _______________ _______________
20. ______________ _______________ _______________

NOTE: Return to the top of the list to take comments and announcements at the end of each section of check-ins.

Last call for check-ins. Any stations wishing to check-in, please call:______________________.

We would like to thank each and every station for checking in tonight and ask you to encourage other stations to join us on Thursday nights at 8:30 P.M. local time for the Anderson County ARES Net. We would also like to thank K4TG for allowing us the use of his machine for this Net.

This session of the Anderson County ARES Net is closed at: ___:_____ (time) and the repeater is now returned to General Amateur service. Good Evening and 73's.

Net Control Comments: (Problems, recommendations for changes, or other pertinent comments)

____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________

Signature of Net Control Operator Call Sign
Total Stations Checking In:____________________ Date:___________________
Total Emergency Messages Passed:___________________________
Total Priority Messages Passed:____________________________
Total Announcements/Comments Made:__________________________________